Disposable Evacuation Traps & Screens

  • Directly replaces current evacuation or cuspidor trap
  • Disposable and easily replaceable
  • Made of rigid, opaque plastic
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs

Packaging: 144 pcs/box – 10 boxes/case

Item No. Fit
UBC-85500 A-dec Cascade and Performer 1-1/4″
UBC-85501 A-dec models with black plastic canisters, plus newer models by Ampco, Belmont, DCI, Forest, Marus, MDT, Schein – 2-1/8″
UBC-85502 A-dec models with metal canisters – 2-1/4″
UBC-85503 Ampco, Belmont, Biotec, Chayes, Dabi-Atlante, Dansereau, DCI, Den-Tal-Ez, Dentech, Forest, Knight, Pelton & Crane, Proma and others – 1-7/8″
UBC-85505 Pelton & Crane Spirit with white plastic canisters – 2-3/4″
UBC-85506 Den-Tal-Ez models with black plastic canisters – 2-3/4″
UBC-85508S All saliva ejectors – Universal fit
UBC-85509 DCI/Belmont Reality models, System 6000 models – 1-1/2″
UBC-85512 A-dec 500 2-3/4″
UBC-8HVE On all standard high volume evacuator tips – Universal fit
UBC-86100C Most cuspidor bowls including, A-dec, Ampco, Belmont, Dabi-Atlante, Dansereau, DCI, Den-Tal-Ez, Forest, Knight, Marus, MDT, Proma, Ritter, Schein – 2-1/2″
UBC-86200C Siemens, Planmeca and many cuspidors with small diameter openings – 2-3/4″

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