Disposable Saliva Ejectors by ASA Dental Italy

  • Vented and smooth tip for maximum suction & patient comfortwholesale
  • Soft, non-removable tip for patient safety
  • Wire reinforced tube maintains desired shape
  • Available in today’s most popular colors or with
    a “fresh Mint” scented body
  • Non-sterile
  • ASA DENTAL eliminates phtalates from the PVC in its saliva ejectors. ASA Dental’s “no” to the use of phtalates was decided before the law that today bans their use in the production of toys (but not yet in medical devices) came into effect. A choice in step with the times, to safeguard patients’ health.

Packaging: 100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case

Item No. Body Color/Tip Color Packaging
2900E-BBS15 White/White (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-TCS15 Clear/Light Blue (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-PPS15 Pink/Pink (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-ATS15 Transparent Royal Blue/Clear (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-ZTS15 Transparent AQUA Blue/Clear (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-LTS15 Transparent Lavender/Clear (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)
2900E-VTS15 Transparent Green/Clear (100 pcs/bag – 10 bags/case)

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