Non-Woven Sponge

  • 4-ply non-woven sponge
  • Soft, smooth, strong & lint-free
  • High absorbency
  • Available in premium or economy
  • Non-sterile for general use

Item No. Size Packaging
UNW-4022 2″x2″ Premium Non-Woven, 40g/M2 (200 pcs/sleeve – 25 sleeves/case)
UNW-3522 2″x2″ Economy Non-Woven, 35g/M2 (200 pcs/sleeve – 25 sleeves/case)
UNW-3033 3″x3″ Non-Woven Sponge, 30g/M2 (200 pcs/sleeve – 20 sleeves/case)
UNW-3044 4″x4″ Non-Woven Sponge, 30g/M2 (200 pcs/sleeve – 10 sleeves/case)

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