Kinesio Tape

– Made of Lycra and cotton fabric.
– Used by physical therapists and chiropractors for the recovery and prevention of sports related muscle injuries.
– High elasticity: Approximately 160%.
– Air-permeable, lightweight, hypoallergenic.
– Very good skin adhesion, gentle to skin, minimal skin residue.
– Supplied in white, blue, pink, black and skin color.
– Available for OEM upon request.

25mm ( 1″ ) x 4.5M /Roll 12 Rolls/box
50mm ( 2″ ) x 4.5M /Roll 6 Rolls/box
75mm ( 3″ ) x 4.5M /Roll 4 Rolls/box
100mm ( 4″ ) x 4.5M /Roll 4 Rolls/box

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