Silk Cloth Surgical Tape

  • Heavy duty medical dressing, made of high-backing woven silk-like clothe.
  • Air-permeable, hypoallergenic.
  • Excellent adhesion, easy peeling & removing.
  • Multi-purpose use, suitable for critical taping security.
  • “Zig Zag” cutting edge for easy peel.

*Comparable to 3M™ Durapore™

NOTE: Customer’s label upon request.

Size Packaging
12.5mm (1/2″) x 9.2M/Roll 24 Rolls/box
25mm (1″) x 9.2M/Roll 12 Rolls/box
50mm (1/2″) x 9.2M/Roll 6 Rolls/box
75mm (1/2″) x 9.2M/Roll 4 Rolls/box

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